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Instructional Media Packages (IMPs) developed

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Fitter 1st Year Assignment for Exercise 17

Fitter 1st Year

Assignment for Exercise 17

I. Select the correct answer from the choices given and indicate by placing the corresponding letter in the square provided.

1. The depth micrometer is used for the measurement of a wide range of sizes because

A. it has a lengthy graduated sleeve

B. it has a number of extension rods for the different range of sizes

C. it has a very lengthy spindle

D. it has adjustable stock for different size settings.

2. The graduations of a depth micrometer are

A. similar to an outside micrometer

B. in the reverse direction to that of the outside micrometer, both thimble and sleeve

C. in the reverse direction only on the sleeve

D. in the reverse direction only on the thimble.

3. The dial test indicator shows the measurement as

A. the actual size of the component

B. the difference between the two steps of 5 mm

C. the magnified small variations in sizes through a pointer

D. the direct reading of the dimension.

4. The principle of working of a dial test indicator is

A. the linear motion is converted into a reciprocating motion, using slotted link

B. the linear motion is converted into a rotary motion using rack and pinions

C. magnification of small variation using lenses

D. magnification by electronic means.

II. Match the following.

1.__ Stock

2.__ Graduated sleeve

3.__ Thimble cap

4.__ Thimble

5.__ Extension rod


III. Answer the following questions.

1. Name the parts of a dial test indicator marked in figure 2.

2. Name the different stands of dial test indicators given in figure 3.

3. Name the types of dial test indicators given in figures 2 & 4.

4. What is the reading of the depth micrometer shown in figure 5.

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