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MES - Production & Manufacturing - Turning (with DVD) - English
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MES - Production & Manufacturing - Turning (with DVD) - English
This book is part of the Instructional Material for Turning course under Production and Manufacturing Sector developed for the Modular Employable Skill (MES). It broadly covers 1.Safety to be observed while working on lathes2.Types of cutting tools3.Orthogonal cutting and oblique cutting4.Lathe operations5.Lathe Parts Tailstock6.Lathe accessories – Lathe centres7.Headstock8.Punches – Different punches with reference to their points and angles9.Lathe operation – Knurling10.Lathe Parts – The carriage11.Lathe parts – The feed mechanism12.Ferrous Metals13.Kinds of lathe cutting tools14.Tumbler gear mechanism15.Methods of turning taper on a lathe16.Precision measuring instruments – Vernier bevel protractor17.Screw thread – Methods of Producing threads
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