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MES - Banking & Accounting - Accounting
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MES - Banking & Accounting - Accounting
This book is part of the Instructional Material consists of both Practical and Theory for Accounting course under Banking & Accounting Sector developed for the Modular Employable Skills (MES). It covers Debit / Credit Transaction Entries, Journal Entry Book, Use of Tally computer Programs, Maintenance of Books and Statement of Accounts, Preparation of Provision for Paable & Receivable reports, Accounts Receivable / Payable, Creaton of New voucher type, Voucher/Cheque Printing Practice, Creating of Multiple Companies, Multiple Currency/Base Currency, Entry of Memo & Voucher, Practice Sales / Purchase Extract, Practice Interest Calculation / Cash Flow, Creating of Stock Category and use of Alternae Units, Creation / viewing of Multipel Warehouse and Practice Procedure for Rejection Notes.
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