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COE - Instrumentation - Measurement and Measuring Instruments
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COE - Instrumentation - Measurement and Measuring Instruments
This book is part of the Instructional Material consists of both Practical and Theory for Measurement and Measuring Instruments course under Instrumentation Sector developed for the Centres of Excellence (COE). It boradly covers Pressure Units and types of pressure, Measuring the radius of curvature by means of a spherometer, Use of sine bar and slip gauge, Physical balance and chemical balance, Penetrometer, Centrifugal type tachometer, Drag Cup type tachometer, Electric and Electronic speedometer, Speedometer, Stroboscope, Pressure, Pressure Units and Types of Pressure, Inclined limb manometer, C type bourdon tube pressure gauge, Calibration fo bourdon tube pressure gauge dead weight tester, Pressure regulator with filter, Diaphragm gauge, Aneroid barometer, Hydrometer, Flow measurement, Orifice plate, Venturi tube, Pitot tube, Rotameter, Rotating Vane type flowmeter, Oscillating piston type flowmeter, Reciprocating piston type flowmeter, Level measurement etc.
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