Centres of Excellence (COE) - 36 Basic Module - Assam
COE Sec. Sl. No. Name of the Sector Module code (BBBT) Module No. Name of the BBBT modules (one year duration) 8weeks / modules IMPs Question Bank Translation No. of Instructors Total No. of ITI's across India Total No. of States across India
1 Bamboo Technology BTBT-I COE(BM)-019 Basic Electrical & Basic Computer, AutoCAD         1 1
2 BTBT-II COE(BM)-020 Bamboo Processing      
3 BTBT-III COE(BM)-021 Basic Course of Bamboo Processing Machine      
4 BTBT-IV COE(BM)-022 Basic Course on Secondary Processing of Bamboo      
5 BTBT-V COE(BM)-023 Basic course of Construction & Furniture Making      
6 BTBT-VI COE(BM)-024 Basic Course on Design Interpretation & Bamboo Handicrafts Products      
7 Construction and Wood working CWWBT-I COE(BM)-031 Basic Architecture         10 9
8 CWWBT-II COE(BM)-032 Basic Building Construction      
9 CWWBT-III COE(BM)-033 Basic carpentry      
10 CWWBT-IV COE(BM)-034 Basic plumbing      
11 CWWBT-V COE(BM)-035 Basic Electricals      
12 CWWBT-VI COE(BM)-036 Basic quantity surveying      
13 Fabrication FBT-01 COE(BM)-049 Basic Fitting & Measurement         54 17
14 FBT-02 COE(BM)-050 Basic Sheet Metal Work and Fastening      
15 FBT-03 COE(BM)-051 Basic Machine Shop Practice (Turning , Milling & Grinding)      
16 FBT-04 COE(BM)-052 Basic Welding      
17 FBT-05 COE(BM)-053 Metals and Surface Finishing Techniques      
18 FBT-06 COE(BM)-054 Basic Electrical, Electronics & Computer Skills      
19 Food Processing FPBT-01 COE(BM)-055 Food Preservation         4 4
20 FPBT-02 COE(BM)-056 Bakery & Confectionary      
21 FPBT-03 COE(BM)-057 Milk & Dairy Product      
22 FPBT-04 COE(BM)-058 Agro Processing      
23 FPBT-05 COE(BM)-059 Food Beverages      
24 FPBT-06 COE(BM)-060 Processed Food Products      
25 Information Technology ITBT-01 COE(BM)-073 Basic Electrical & Electronics         21 18
26 ITBT-02 COE(BM)-074 Basic Assembling and Maintenance of PCs      
27 ITBT-03 COE(BM)-075 Basic Computer Networking      
28 ITBT-04 COE(BM)-076 Basic Office Automation      
29 ITBT-05 COE(BM)-077 Basic Internet & Multimedia      
30 ITBT-06 COE(BM)-078 Basic Database Processing      
31 Plastics Processing PPBT-01 COE(BM)-091 Basic Fitting & Measurement         6 4
32 PPBT-02 COE(BM)-092 Basic Electrical & Electronics and Computer Skills      
33 PPBT-03 COE(BM)-093 Injection Moulding      
34 PPBT-04 COE(BM)-094 Compression Moulding      
35 PPBT-05 COE(BM)-095 Extrusion Moulding      
36 PPBT-06 COE(BM)-096 Blow Moulding