Centres of Excellence (COE) - 6 Basic  Module - Puducherry
COE Sec.    Sl. No. Name of the Sector Module code (BBBT) Module No. Name of the BBBT modules (one year duration)                    8weeks / modules IMPs  Question Bank Translation No. of Instructors Total No. of ITI's across India Total No. of States across India
1 Plastics Processing PPBT-01 COE(BM)-091 Basic Fitting & Measurement         6 4
2 PPBT-02 COE(BM)-092 Basic Electrical & Electronics and Computer Skills      
3 PPBT-03 COE(BM)-093  Injection Moulding      
4 PPBT-04 COE(BM)-094 Compression Moulding      
5 PPBT-05 COE(BM)-095 Extrusion Moulding      
6 PPBT-06 COE(BM)-096  Blow Moulding