Centres of Excellence (COE) - 6 Basic  Module - Andaman
COE Sec.    Sl. No. Name of the Sector Module code (BBBT) Module No. Name of the BBBT modules (one year duration)                    8weeks / modules IMPs  Question Bank Translation No. of Instructors Total No. of ITI's across India Total No. of States across India
1  Construction and Wood working CWWBT-I COE(BM)-031 Basic Architecture           10 9
2 CWWBT-II COE(BM)-032 Basic Building Construction        
3 CWWBT-III COE(BM)-033 Basic carpentry                                     
4 CWWBT-IV COE(BM)-034 Basic plumbing        
5 CWWBT-V COE(BM)-035 Basic Electricals      
6 CWWBT-VI COE(BM)-036 Basic quantity surveying