Trade Language
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Carpenter ENGLISH
Carpenter TAMIL
Cutting & Sewing ENGLISH
Cutting & Sewing HINDI
Cutting & Sewing TAMIL
Cutting & Sewing KANNADA
Draughtsman Mech.1st YearENGLISH
Draughtsman - Civil ENGLISH
Electrician1st YearENGLISH
Electrician1st YearHINDI
Electrician1st YearTAMIL
Electrician1st YearKANNADA
Electrician1st YearBENGALI
Electrician2nd YearENGLISH
Electrician2nd YearHINDI
Electrician2nd YearTAMIL
Electrician2nd YearKANNADA
Electronic Mechanic1st YearENGLISH
Electronic Mechanic1st YearHINDI
Electronic Mechanic2nd YearENGLISH
Electronic Mechanic2nd YearHINDI
Fitter1st YearENGLISH
Fitter1st YearHINDI
Fitter1st YearTAMIL
Fitter1st YearTELUGU
Fitter1st YearKANNADA
Fitter1st YearBENGALI
Fitter1st YearORIYA
Fitter1st YearMARATHI
Fitter2nd YearENGLISH
Fitter2nd YearHINDI
Fitter2nd YearTAMIL
Fitter2nd YearKANNADA
Fitter2nd YearBENGALI
Fitter2nd YearMARATHI
Fitter2nd YearORIYA
Instrument Mechanic1st YearENGLISH
Machinist1st YearENGLISH
Machinist1st YearHINDI
Machinist1st YearTAMIL
Machinist1st YearMARATHI
Machinist1st YearBENGALI
Machinist1st YearKANNADA
Machinist2nd YearENGLISH
Machinist2nd YearHINDI
Machinist2nd YearTAMIL
Machinist2nd YearMARATHI
Machinist2nd YearBENGALI
Mech. Motor Vehicle1st YearENGLISH
Mech. Motor Vehicle1st YearHINDI
Mech. Motor Vehicle1st YearTAMIL
Mech. Motor Vehicle1st YearKANNADA
Mech. Motor Vehicle1st YearMARATHI
Mech. Motor Vehicle1st YearTELUGU
Mech. Motor Vehicle2nd YearENGLISH
Mech. Motor Vehicle2nd YearHINDI
Mech. Motor Vehicle2nd YearTAMIL
Mech. Motor Vehicle2nd YearMARATHI
Mech. Motor Vehicle2nd YearKANNADA
Mechanic Diesel ENGLISH
Mechanic Diesel HINDI
Mechanic Diesel TAMIL
Mechanic Diesel KANNADA
Mechanic Diesel MARATHI
Mechanic Diesel TELUGU
Mechanic Radio & TV1st YearENGLISH
Mechanic Radio & TV1st YearHINDI
Mechanic Radio & TV2nd YearENGLISH
Mechanic Radio & TV2nd YearHINDI
Mechanic Tractor ENGLISH
Mechanic Tractor HINDI
MMTM - Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance ENGLISH
Plumber TAMIL
R & AC Mechanic1st YearENGLISH
R & AC Mechanic1st YearTAMIL
R & AC Mechanic1st YearHINDI
R & AC Mechanic2nd YearENGLISH
R & AC Mechanic2nd YearTAMIL
R & AC Mechanic2nd YearHINDI
Sheet Metal Worker ENGLISH
Sheet Metal Worker HINDI
Sheet Metal Worker TAMIL
Tool & Die Maker1st YearENGLISH
Tool & Die Maker1st YearMARATHI
TDM-Dies & Moulds2nd YearENGLISH
TDM-Dies & Moulds3rd YearENGLISH
TDM-Press Tools,Jigs & Fixtures2nd YearENGLISH
TDM-Press Tools,Jigs & Fixtures3rd YearENGLISH
Turner1st YearENGLISH
Turner1st YearHINDI
Turner1st YearTAMIL
Turner1st YearMARATHI
Turner1st YearKANNADA
Turner2nd YearENGLISH
Turner2nd YearHINDI
Turner2nd YearTAMIL
Turner2nd YearMARATHI
Turner2nd YearKANNADA
Welder HINDI
Welder TAMIL
Wireman1st YearENGLISH
Wireman1st YearHINDI
Wireman1st YearMARATHI
Wireman1st YearKANNADA
Wireman2nd YearENGLISH
Wireman2nd YearHINDI