1. What is IMP?

IMP stands for Instructional Media Packages. IMP consists of Written Instructional Materials (WIM), Instructor Guide, Audio Visual Aids, Training Kits, Discover Learning and other supporting materials.

2. What is WIM?

Written Instructional Materials which consists of Trade Theory, Trade Practical and Assignment / Test Books.

3. How to make the Payment?

You can make the payment through Demand Draft drawn in favour of “National Instructional Media Institute” payable at Chennai or Credit Card.

4. How can I get the NIMI materials delivered?

NIMI dispatches the materials by either Registered Parcel or Road Transport (on freight to-pay basis) depending upon the total weight of the ordered materials. In case, the total weight of the materials is less than 10 kgs, materials will be dispatched through Registered Parcel, otherwise (weight exceeding 10 Kgs.) will be despatched through Road Transport (on freight to-pay basis).

Whether I can get it by V.P.P?

No, We despatch books only on receipt of full payment (including freight charges in case of Registered Parcel).

5. Whether any Discount is allowed?

Yes. Discount is allowed only for books and Not for Wall charts and Transparencies Please refer the Price list and Order form for further details).

6. Can I get the goods on Credit Basis?

No, NIMI will dispatch the goods only on receipt of full payment from Customer.

7. How to involve myself in the development of NIMI IMPs / Question Bank?

You can make a request to Director mentioning your background in terms of Qualification, experience etc.