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Project Overview and Objectives

                                       The  Skills  Strengthening  for  Industrial  Value   STRIVE project will use  ‘Program for Results
                                       Enhancement  (STRIVE)  project  has  been   (PforR) ’  instrument  whereby  performance-
                                       developed  by  the  Government  of  India  to  based  approach  is  used  to  disburse  funds  to
                                       incentivize  the  critical  institutional  reforms  various  implementing  bodies  including  the
                                       required  in  the  institutional  training  system  i.e.  states  and  ITIs.  The  projects  guidelines  thus
                                       the  ITIs  and  apprenticeship  -  to  meet  the  outline the expected outcomes  and KPI , at
                                       Government’s commitment to providing skilling  the onset of the project. Various interventions
                                       opportunities      to   its   youth   including  and  their  associated  outcomes  have  been
                                       economically   disadvantaged/   underserved  categorized  under  4  primary  components
                                       communities  and   developing  a   globally  called  the  ‘Result  Areas’,  each    targeted
                                       competitive  workforce.  The  project  aims  to  towards  a  particular  area  of  concern/
                                       improve  access  to  quality  and  market-driven   improvement.
                                       vocational  training  provided  in  ITIs  and

                                                  Result Area 1
                                                  Improved Performance of Industrial

                                          Result Area 2

                                          ments to Support Industrial Training

                                                      Result Area 3
                                                      Improved Teaching and Learning

                                                                   Result Area 4

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