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N.S.D.C                                                      SECTORS  & QP

      Content Development for COURSES                               UNDER DEVELOPMENT
      OFFERED BY  SSC                                               1.     Construction

      NIMI has embarked on a new role by facilitat-
      ing  content development for NSDC. NIMI has                            Assistant Surveyor
      been engaged in identifying experts to develop                         Fabricator
      content for the different job roles for the vari-                      Construction Electrician LV
      ous sectors apart from the experts nominated                  2.    Green Jobs
      by the SSCs. NIMI’s proven expertise in content                        Solar PV Project Helper
      development is evident through adaptation of                           Solar PV Maintenance Technician
      NSDC Qualification Pack and Model Curriculum
      for the different job  roles and  developing                  3.    Handi crafts
      NSQF-compliant content in the form of partici-                         Hand crochet Lace Maker
      pant handbook.                                                         Traditional Hand Embroiderer
                         Practical Videos                                    Carpet weaver & Knotted
                                                                    4.    Agriculture

                                                                             Veterniary Clinical Assistant

                                                                             Marine Capture fishermen cum
                                                                                                Primary processor
                                                                    5.    Capital Goods

                                                                             Tool & Die Maker
                                                                    6.    Hydrocarbon
      National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)
      working with the object of developing unskilled                        Pipe Fitter (City Gas Distribution)
      and semi-skilled labour force  into productive                         Pipe Fitter (Oil & Gas)
      and skilled labour through Sector Skill Councils
      (SSCs) and Assessment agencies has entrusted
      the  responsibility  of developing participant
      handbooks  with  National Instructional Media
      Institute.                                             N.S.D.C
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