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NIMI   Books    with    Augmented    Reality

                     NIMI Books with Augmented Reality support
          To give an enhanced look and for getting a direct 3D
          experience of some of the complex diagrams pub-
          lished in printed NIMI Books, an Augmented Reality
          based App has been developed. Students can down-
          load the App and install it in their mobile device. At
          present this App supports only Android devices.
          Through  this  App  students  can feel  the  objects
          coming alive as a 3D object. Students can pinch and
          zoom, rotate and explode these objects for a better
          understanding.  Login and download  into  mobile
          phones and enjoy the 3D direct view experience

                                       NIMI is  moving  towards
                                       digital.  As a first step to
                                       digital,  eBooks have been
                                       introduced  in  Flip  Book
                                       format. To  enhance the
                                       reading   experience   of
                                       Physical Books QR codes
                                       embedded  with  videos
                                       have been introduced in
                                       Printed Books. Students
                                       can scan the QR codes
                                       with their mobile device
                                       and  can  view  the  videos
                                       related to the excercise or
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