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National Instructional Media Institute started            -
                                                                 in the year 1986, has been functioning as a
                                                                 Nodal Agency to develop Instructional Materials,
                                                                 e-content, Question Banks, Train Media developers
                                                                 and trainers, enable translation of books into Hindi
                                                                 and other regional languages.
                                                                 NIMI looks forward to network with other vocational
                                                                 stakeholders, create resource centers for vocational

                                                                 consultancy services.
                                                                 NIMI envisages to scale global benchmarks in
                                                                 vocational education as a Nodal Organisation for
                                                                 curricula, instructional media packages and Test
                                                                 Item development for vocational courses in
                                                                 the country.

                                                                           About NIMI
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